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BLT Programs

Benefit everyone in our community.

BLT Value Cards

Business owners:

Advertising with the BLT Values Card will improve your bottom-line!
Schools, youth groups, and non-profit organizations frequently ask business owners for donations and, as much as the business owners would like to help, they simply can’t afford to help everyone.
What if they sent customers into your business, would you be willing to help them?
The BLT Values Card was created to help local schools, youth groups, churches, and non-profit organizations raise funds without needing to ask for donations. They simply ask:
“If we brought you sales, would you be willing to pay us?”

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BLT Community Dollars

Would you be interested in learning how trading with other merchants can help your business become more profitable?  BLT (Buy Local Today) can show you how with:
"Improving Your Business with Barter"
Barter is a time-honored way of doing business. Today, many businesses large and small are rediscovering the advantages of barter.
*Nationally, over 250,000 businesses are involved in barter.
*Barter accounts for over $700 billion annually in world commerce.
*About 65% of the Fortune 500 companies engage in some form of barter.
Barter dollars can be used to pay for many of your cash expenses. (Accounting, advertising, business meetings, business meals, cleaning services, employee bonuses, equipment repair, hotel&travel, office supplies, painting and much more!

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BLT Bargains

Bring new customers into your business!

Below is a brief explanation of BLT Bargains:
Merchant gift cards are offered at 75% of face value on the
BLT Bargains website.
As a portion of all gift cards sold through BLT Bargains will help fund local Schools, Churches, & Non-Profits, they will direct their supporters to:
The BLT Bargains web site where Supporters save $$ buying gift cards to shop with Local merchants.
After their gift cards are sold, merchants can either collect 45% of the face value of their gift cards in cash or 100% of face value in BLT Community Dollars Virtual Currency.
The BLT Community Dollars Virtual Currency can then be used to make purchases with other participating merchants.
What makes BLT Bargains different from other half-price or discount sites?
Other sites focus on sending discount shoppers into advertisers’ businesses.  These customers want great discounts and will rarely return to the business unless another great discount is offered.
BLT Bargains focuses on customers who don’t usually use coupons.  
Participating merchants will see customers who want their purchases to make a difference, customers who will be rewarded with savings for supporting our community.  
When customers will feel good about their purchases, they are more likely to return.
BLT Bargains will benefit everyone!

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Gift Cards

Gift cards have a wide variety of uses:

Gifts for friends or family.
 Fund raisers for schools and non-profits.
 Rewards for loyal customers or employees.
 Trade with other merchants to acquire goods and/or services.
No matter how they go out, gift cards invite customers into your business!
Many companies offer traditional gift cards. The most common type of gift card costs about $1.00 each and, additionally, there is a fee every time a card is swiped.  You must also pay terminal or software fees as you are required to keep track of the funds available on each of these types of cards.
Once a business owner buys these cards, they find little help in getting them sold.What are the advantages of Set-Value Gift Cards?
 Set-Value Gift Cards cost $.50 each, or less if purchased in greater quantity.
 Customers will know the value of the card instead of wondering about the balance.
 The value is stated on the front with the terms of use on the back, reducing questions.
 As the card value is set, there are no-load, sale, or terminal costs.
Once redeemed, Set-Value Gift Cards can be re-issued over and over again. 

BLT Advantage will help you get your Set-Value Gift Cards into the hands of potential customers.
Pricing includes all set-up fees and 1 hour of card design.  
Cards are 30 mil PVC with full color or black & white.  Mag stripe, bar code,encoding, or sequential numbering are available at additional cost.
1,000 cards $.50 per card       
2,500 cards $.40 per card       
5,000 cards $.35 per card