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What is BLT Advantage?

BLT Advantage is a variety of results-based and cost-effective advertising platforms designed to increase merchant sales while helping our local schools, youth groups, churches, & non-profit organizations.
How does results-based advertising work?
When it comes to spending your advertising dollars, would you rather pay for the message that goes out or the customers that come in?
Results-based advertising is advertising that is paid for after sales are made.

Why will new customers be motivated to come into my business?

To answer this question, we ask:
If you could save a little money when shopping with local merchants and you knew a portion of the purchase price would be used to help support schools and non-profits in our community, would you be likely to shop with those merchants?   
Many people want to help our schools and non-profits raise funds.  When they are rewarded with savings and they know that portion of their purchases will be used to help fund worthy causes in their community, they are more motivated to shop with participating merchants.

What makes BLT Advantage different from other discount or half-price sites?

Other sites focus on sending discount or coupon shoppers into advertisers’ businesses.  These customers are seeking discounts of 30% to 50% on purchases and will rarely return to the business unless another discount is offered.
BLT Advantage focuses on sending participating merchants customers who don’t usually use coupons.  These customers want to make a difference and are happy to be rewarded with a small savings for supporting our community. Because these customers will feel good about their purchases, they are more likely to return.

With BLT Advantage:

1. Business owners will see new and repeat customers 
2. Schools, churches, & non-profit organizations will be able to raise funds 
3. Merchants will see increased revenues
4. Increased merchant revenues will create more jobs in our community

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